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Image of The Grave

The Grave

£12.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP

128 page black and white graphic novel.

A ‘56 Buick Coupe, a case full of cash, a custom Colt 1911 and a dead body.

That’s what he found at a lonely desert motel and he nearly got killed for it. Now he wants revenge. But with every wound he inflicts, painful truths bleed through for everyone in his path.

From the murderous cops he’s hunting to the people who care for him most, they’ll have to decide if they’re victims, survivors or something worse.

After all, what’s one more body in the grave he’s digging?

The Grave is an action thriller with a whole load of noir attitude. Available in three different flavours. All come with a PDF version.

Print - digest-sized graphic novel in print and digital formats
Print plus - as above, but with an exclusive movie-poster style A6 print
Deluxe - all the above but with an exclusive, hand-drawn A6 sketch

Written and illustrated by David Taylor

Image of The Grave (digital)
The Grave (digital)
£8.00 GBP
Image of HER!
£2.00 GBP
£3.00 GBP
Image of HER! (digital bundle)
HER! (digital bundle)
£4.00 GBP
Image of Decades
£12.00 GBP
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